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Reinholdt Group

The Reinholdt group is always looking for new, talented students interested in organometallic chemistry.

Projects in our group involve chemical synthesis and discovery of new reaction types, complemented by spectroscopic and mechanistic investigations.  We are interested in small-molecule activation using low-valent transition metal complexes as well as complexes featuring metal-ligand multiple bonds.  Ongoing projects aim at the isolation of rare diatomic molecules as well as systems with multiple bonds to group 15 elements.

Much of our synthetic work involves inert-atmosphere techniques, and we routinely use gloveboxes for exploring the properties of highly reactive molecules and intermediates.  Students joining our group will build expertise in X-ray crystallography and multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, as well as IR and UV-vis spectroscopies.  Our synthetic studies often raise questions about the bonding and electronic structure of the new molecules, and here we derive further insight from spectroscopic and quantum theoretical studies and collaborations.

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