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Electron Microscopy


nCHREM, the national Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy in Lund, Sweden offers instruments and expertise for imaging, analysis and sample preparation for a wide variety of sample types.

Our top line instrument, a Hitachi 300kV ETEM, is an Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope. Inaugurated in 2018, the instrument provides in situ observations of semiconductor nanowire growth at atomic resolution. The microscope is also available for general projects that require in situ or high resolution capabilities.

We offer CryoTEM on a JEOL 200kV instrument with equipment for plunge-freezing of water-based samples and cryo-transfer of the frozen grids into the microscope. General studies can be done on a JEOL 3000F TEM and JEOL 30kV FSEM which offer both imaging and EDX (energy dispersive X-ray) analysis.

The facility is situated within the Chemical Centre (Kemicentrum) at Lund University and specialist operators are available to assist with all projects.


Prof Reine Wallenberg, Director

General enquiries 

Dr Crispin Hetherington, Manager

General enquiries, Questions about 3000F and CryoTEM

Daniel Madsen

Questions about ETEM and SEM

nCHREM telephone 

(located in Imaging Lab)
+46 46 222 8227

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