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Light-Activated Energy Materials (LAEM) Group

Global fossil fuel energy crisis highlights the urgency of renewable energy development such as abundant solar energy. Our research is focused on the synthesis and understanding of novel functional semiconductor materials, which can convert solar energy into other forms of energy, e.g., electricity (photovoltaics) and solar fuels (hydrogen evolution), achieving a sustainable development mode. Our current focus is on lead-free halide perovskite or perovskite-inspired materials both in the form of bulk- (thin film) and nanocrystals.

Our research covers from synthesis (solution process and colloidal synthesis) and characterization (primarily by photochemical and photophysical measurements) to fabrication of eco-friendly, low-cost, and high-performance light-converting devices (primarily for solar cells and photoelectrochemical cells).



Maning Liu

Associate Senior Lecturer, Materials Chemistry
+46 46-222 8103

Maning Liu's profile in Lund University's Research Portal

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