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Wendt Group

The work in the group is in the general field of organotransition metal chemistry and the goal is to find and develop organometallic reactions with possible applications in catalysis. We use specialised synthetic techniques, including high-vacuum, Schlenk and glove box work. Structural characterisation is performed using mainly multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. In our work we always try to understand reaction mechanisms in as much detail as possible using, inter alia, kinetics measurements and spectroscopic identification of inter-mediates. In looking for new catalysis we also develop the basic organometallic chemistry of e.g. pincer ligands and complexes.

Activation of small molecules and unreactive bonds is a major theme in the group. One area of particular interest is dehydrogenation reactions, e.g. in the framework of hydrogen storage. Within this work we also devote efforts on understanding the chemistry of metal hydrides.



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