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Zhang Group

The Zhang group has an active research in both fundamental and applied areas of polymer and macromolecular science and engineering. The relationships between macromolecular structure, microstructure and different materials properties of homogeneous and heterogeneous polymers are central within our research.

Great efforts are placed on controlling and studying the structure and properties of heterogeneous polymer systems such as block and graft copolymers, ionomers, blends, nano-composites and biopolymers. This includes the design, synthesis and functionalization of complex macromolecular structures using a variety of polymerization strategies, as well as an extensive characterization of their structural, thermal, viscoelastic and transport properties such as detection of free volume dimensions in polymer materials.

These characterizations are of relevance for polymer electrolyte membranes, packaging materials, bioplastics, polymer coatings, and membranes for separation processes and controlled release.


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